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About US


Our Physician

Dr. Dipa H. Patel graduated with an M.D. and Bachelor's in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She subsequently did her internship at Yale Hospitals and residency at Boston University. Dr. Patel did her subspecialty fellowship training in Breast Imaging at the famed Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic under the supervision of  Wende Logan-Young, MD, a pioneer in the current standard of care in mammography who runs one of the largest free standing breast clinics in the country. 

After graduating from her fellowship in breast imaging, Dr. Patel worked at the Betty Ford Breast Clinic in Washington DC serving our nation's leaders and later, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Bethesda Naval Hospital. She established the stereotactic core biopsy program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and helped set up the now American College of Radiology approved ultrasound core biopsy program at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Her commitment to excellence in breast care while there earned her a place on the wall of honor at Bethesda Naval Hospital. She was involved in research studies on the first Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) system at Bethesda Naval Hospital prior to FDA approval for digital mammography. Later, Dr. Patel joined UCSF as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine where she served as course Chairperson for the first Digital Mammography course. While there, she was on the advisory committees for Fischer imaging, now a part of Hologic Inc. 

Dr. Patel has lectured nationally and internationally at numerous conferences on various breast imaging topics. She currently provides guidance for 3D ultrasound imaging technologies for teaching and training and has served on FDA reader studies. Her research interests are interventional breast imaging procedures and cutting edge imaging techniques.


Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to performing breast imaging and interventional procedures.  Combined, they have over 45 years of dedicated breast imaging experience making them knowledgeable and fully capable of performing studies efficiently and with a gentle touch.